Testimonial 1

Dear Carmen,
Thank you so much for all your work on my wedding dress. Your work is so beautiful! I truly appreciate all the time you took hemming my dress and creating a gorgeous bustle. My wedding dress was perfect for my big day!


Testimonial 2

Pro V Alterations,
Thank you so much for making my dress look so beautiful, for my Key West wedding! It fit perfectly! Everything was done so professionally and you were both so kind to me!


Testimonial 3

The dress was amazing! Thanks to you! I'll never forget you.


Testimonial 4

Carmen or ProV,
Thank you so much for your amazing work to make my wedding gown fit like a glove. The gown and bustle were beautiful. You were so wonderful to work with, and my bridesmaid dress turned out perfect! Thank you for everything.

Lisa Toenjes

Testimonial 5

Carmen or ProV Alternations,
Thank you every much for your hard work everyone loves the dress! Beautiful!

Cassie Stroney

Testimonial 6

Thank you Carmen for making my dress even more beautiful!


Testimonial 7

Thank you so much for making my grown perfect! I really appreciate everything.


Testimonial 8

Thank you, my dress was perfect! I just loved it and I felt so comfortable! After I had such a hard time with another seamstress, you were so nice to me and you saved my dress! Thank you so much

Fatima Welp